About Us

Services that can be tailored to meet your supply chain requirements.

We specialise in providing warehousing and logistics solutions for the movement of customs and non-customs goods nationally and internationally. With over 16 years worth of experience within the customs warehousing industry, we have the ability to understand and adapt to the demands of the complete supply chain logistics, warehousing processes and customs compliance. We have built a reputation for providing ‘practical solutions’ that deliver tangible value and results. This has led to us developing sustainable and robust partnerships with our Tier 1 and Tier 2 customers and subsequently their customers.

"Our aim is to provide ‘practical solutions’ that are innovative, flexible, and deliver tangible value for our customers. This is achieved through our talented team, who provide a wealth of experience in automotive warehousing and logistics."

Compliant IT Systems

Fully integrated IT systems to maximise efficiencies, accuracy and customs compliance.

HMRC compliant warehouse and customs management systems

Full stock control through a range of storage and rotation options

Established EDI connections with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, including ASNs

Web portal access for instant and real time stock visibility

RF barcode scanning for full stock movement traceability

Regular and extensive reporting in various formats

We have recently invested in a state-of-the-art fully integrated IT system to accurately monitor the movement and storage of your goods within our warehouse.

The HMRC compliant warehouse and customs management systems provide full stock traceability and accurate customs goods duties management.

We have established Electronic Data Interchange connections with our customers and their customers to instantly exchange data files, such as, advanced shipping notifications.

"Our IT systems offer many benefits - RF scanning for accurate stock handling; EDI links with OEM systems to efficiently plan shipments; and web portal for real time stock visibility."

Stock Supervisor AMS